The MARsite project

The MARsite project proposes to identify the Marmara region as a "Supersite" within European initiatives in order to compile on-shore, off-shore and space-based observations, comprehensive geophysical monitoring, improved hazard and risk assessments encompassed in an integrated set of activities. The project aims to coordinate research groups with different scientific skills (from seismology to engineering to gas geochemistry) in a comprehensive monitoring activity developed both in the Marmara Sea and in the surrounding areas. MARsite is coordinated by the Bogazi├ži University, Kandilli Observatory and the Earthquake Research Institute (KOERI), Turkey. The 11 Work Packages deal with Management, Research and Development, Data Integration and Dissemination activities.

The objectives of the project are to achieve long-term hazard monitoring and evaluation by in-situ monitoring of earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, displacements, chemical-radioactive emission and other physical variables and by the use of space-based techniques; to improve existing earthquake early-warning and rapid-response systems; to improve ground shaking and displacement modelling by development of source models; to establish novel borehole observation system in western Marmara; to interact with end users and contribute to the improvement of existing policies and programs on preparedness, risk mitigation and emergency management; and to build on past and on-going European projects by including their contributions to create a better understanding of geohazards.

This portal

One of the aims of Work Package 10 of MARsite is to develop a pilot implementation of an interoperable portal allowing access to data relevant for the scientific goals of the project. This portal will show the benefits of adopting international standards and a philosophy in line with that of GEOSS and other on-going initiatives, such as EPOS and EMSO.

You are currently visiting the portal, which allows visualisation, through OGC-compliant Web Map Services (WMS), of a selection of data from previous projects and also data compiled, collected or simulated within MARsite. Details of the philosophy and technology underlying this portal as well as the benefits of a distributed approach are given in this deliverable of MARsite. During the course of MARsite this portal may be enriched by additional data collected during the project and also by the inclusion of other relevant data that is accessible through WMS. If you are interested in disseminating your data of relevance to the aims of MARsite through this portal please contact John Douglas (WP10 leader). This portal is being developed by Florian Husson (BRGM) with support from John Douglas. Jean-Jacques Serrano also helped in the creation of this portal and with the drafting of the associated report.